Non Surgical Slimming

Non Surgical Slimming

Our non-surgical slimming clinic offers the latest technologies for fat reduction, skin tightening and cellulite treatment. We use only clinically proven or FDA approved devises to ensure maximum results.

Our experienced technicians will give you the most effective sessions independently or combined with fat dissolving injections, non-surgical procedures or other options from our doctors.

Customized programs are designed specifically for each client’s needs, this can focus on spot reduction or generalized weight loss and slimming.

Referrals can be done to nutrition departments, plastic surgery and bariatric treatments if the patient desires.

  • Alma Prime-X
  • Cellactor AWT (acoustic wave therapy)
  • Med Contour GP Slimming – RF/US
  • Power Star Slimming device
  • Deoxycholate injections
  • Nutrition department (pre and post weight control)
  • Post-surgical treatments, face and body.