NON-Surgical Hair Transplantation

NON-Surgical Hair Transplantation

QMC hair restoration team provides a full service centre treating hair loss and performing hair transplantation. All of our procedures follow the The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) standards. We offer consultations for male and female pattern baldness, general hair loss and treatments.

Our technique of non-surgical hair transplant known as FUE is based on the fact that an individual’s “donor” site hair is genetically programmed to resist the thinning effects and causes of hair loss.

These transplanted hairs are individually removed by our rapid and efficient hair transplant team of doctors and nurses, they are tightly packed, re-implanted into the balding or thinning area.

Excellent density and natural hair effect is the goal, transplanted hair continue to grow for the client’s lifetime. Our natural hairlines are undetectable.

The procedure is done in a one day “mega” session and you can go home immediately after and return to work and regular duties very quickly.

Our “scarless” non-surgical technique of FUE is the latest method in hair transplantation. There is no pain, rapid recovery and very little downtime. Donor sites are maintained allowing for an undetected hair transplant.