ENT Department

ENT Department

The ENT department offers medical and surgical treatments for that is related to the nose, ears and throat and looks after both the pediatric and adult age group.

The Clinic has the latest equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of any condition.

Most common conditions include:

  • Ears: Hearing less, ear infections, balance disorders, tinnitus, congenital disorders, otoplasty.
  • Nose: Sinus problems, breathing issues, allergies, problem with
    sense of smell, cosmetic rhinoplasty.
  • Throat: Speech and swallowing problem, diseases of the larynx and oesophagus, voice problems and rehabilitation of the voice and swallowing.
  • Head and Neck: Treatment of head and neck tumors, both benign or malignant e.g. (thyroid tumor) and management of facial deformities.

Our center is equipped with the latest operating microscopes, diagnostic video endoscopes and an audiology lab to support all ENT related procedures and surgeries.